International border requirements and travel disruptions

Even though global travel is opening again, there’s still a risk you’ll experience travel disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every country or territory decides who can enter and leave through its borders. Entry and exit rules can change at short notice. There’s a growing number of border controls and requirements facing travellers abroad. This includes travellers departing from Australia, to destinations such as European Union countries and Hong Kong, which have imposed stronger border restrictions for travellers from Australia.

You may need to show proof of vaccination as a condition of entry, and to access venues overseas. You may also need to quarantine or provide negative COVID-19 tests. Some destinations remain closed to foreign visitors.

You may find it difficult to access COVID-19 testing facilities overseas, which may impact upon your ability to board your return or onwards flight.

Flights to some destinations are still limited and may be expensive. They could be cancelled at short notice.

Foreign governments may put movement restrictions in place that prevent you from leaving. If you, or someone in your travelling group, test positive to COVID-19 you may be required to quarantine at your own expense. Be prepared for the possibility you may be in your destination longer than planned. It’s your responsibility to learn about all the destinations you’re visiting and plan for your safety. This includes entry requirements and understanding any risks. It’s also your responsibility to stay informed in case things change.


UPDATE: 22 May 2022


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