Healthy Travel Tips: 

If you’re thinking of travelling overseas, it’s important you understand the risks of contracting COVID-19 in your destination, the financial implications this may have on you and those travelling with you and what to do if you test positive while travelling. You’ll also need to understand the requirements for returning to Australia.

You need to take special care when travelling. Infectious diseases, including COVID-19 can have a serious impact on your health. Healthcare systems in other destinations can be quickly overwhelmed in an outbreak, making them harder to access for any health concern.

You can minimise your risk of becoming unwell by making sure that your travel vaccinations are up to date. This includes being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Follow local health advice and continue to take simple hygiene and infectious disease control steps, such as

  • wearing a mask
  • frequently washing your hands
  • physical distancing.
  • Plan your travel carefully. Read our travel advice to check the risks and requirements specific to your destination. We continue to monitor the situation closely. Subscribe to Smartraveller for updates to stay informed if something changes.